What can do:

ContentShake is an AI-driven tool that helps users to brainstorm, create, optimize, and publish high-quality content that resonates with their customer base. At its core, ContentShake employs artificial intelligence features and powerful competitive data to simplify the content creation process, thus eliminating the need for expert know-how.


  1. AI-Driven Brainstorming: ContentShake utilizes AI mechanisms to generate engaging content ideas based on current trends and audience inquiries.
  2. Competitive Insights: This tool provides crucial insights on what type of content performs well, thus helping users to find low-competition keywords and topics that generate the most traffic.
  3. Automatic High-Performance Article Outlines: ContentShake can automatically build outlines for high-performance articles.
  4. Instant Writing and Optimization: Using its AI capabilities, the tool can instantly write, expand, and optimize content.
  5. Auto Publishing: ContentShake allows users to write, optimize, and publish their content articles from one place. Users can send their articles to Google Docs to share with their team and directly publish the content to their Wordpress blog.

Use Cases

  1. Overcoming Writer's Block: ContentShake's AI-driven brainstorming can help writers get over their creative blocks by supplying engaging ideas based on trends and audience's questions.
  2. Optimizing Content for Search Engines: With its ability to discover low-competition keywords and topics, ContentShake can assist in optimizing content to rank higher in search engine results.
  3. Streamlining the Content Creation Process: With AI features to instantly write, revise, and optimize content, this tool simplifies the process of content creation.
  4. Enhancing Team Collaboration: By sending articles to Google Docs, users can easily share their work with team members for collaborative editing and feedback.
  5. Enhancing Content Marketing Strategy: As insights about highest-performing content are provided, businesses can employ these insights to plan and strategize content marketing efforts effectively. This includes determining which topics resonate well with the audience, and focusing more on such topics for marketing.

Prompt type:

Creative Writing, Content Creation, SEO Optimization, Writing Enhancement


ContentShake is an AI-driven platform designed to assist in content marketing. It offers features such as brainstorming, writing, optimizing, and publishing high-quality content. It provides data-driven tips, content ideas, and suggests low-competition keywords for better SEO.

Origin: Boston, Massachusetts