Cohesive: The Powerful AI Editor for Creative Content

What can do:

Cohesive is an AI Startup that offers an innovative AI-powered editor designed to help users create, refine, edit, and publish high-quality content. With a range of features and templates, Cohesive aims to make content creation a seamless and efficient process. The AI editor enables users to effortlessly edit text, images, and language translations, ensuring that every word is precisely crafted to perfection. Cohesive also provides content inspiration and fresh ideas to stimulate creativity. With over 200 templates available, users can create content for various purposes, from SEO blogs to social media posts. Collaboration features allow for real-time collaboration, keeping teams in sync and eliminating communication barriers. Cohesive offers solutions for different industries, including marketing, sales, support, and personal writing. By leveraging the power of AI, Cohesive helps users maximize marketing ROI, grow social media presence, improve search engine rankings, increase sales, provide fast customer support, and enhance personal writing.


  • AI editor: Effortlessly edit text, images, and language translations to ensure precise and engaging content.
  • Content inspiration: Get content ideas as you write, and receive fresh ideas whenever you need to create something new.
  • Templates: Choose from over 200 curated templates to create content for various purposes.
  • Collaboration: Collaborate in real-time, keeping everyone on the same page and ensuring deadlines are met.
  • Personalization: Tailor content to specific needs, whether it's for marketing, sales, support, or personal writing.

Use Cases

  1. Marketing:
  2. Maximize marketing ROI with high-converting AI content.
  3. Grow social media presence and engagement.
  4. Improve search engine rankings with optimized content.
  5. Create ad copies that drive digital growth.
  6. Sales:
  7. Increase sales quotas with AI-generated content.
  8. Craft conversion-focused emails and subject lines.
  9. Convert prospects into profits with persuasive content.
  10. Support:
  11. Provide lightning-fast customer support with AI-powered conversations.
  12. Respond immediately to customer queries.
  13. Generate comprehensive FAQs and support documents quickly.
  14. Personal:
  15. Transform personal writing with AI-powered enhancements.
  16. Stand out with compelling cover letters.
  17. Impress with a stellar LinkedIn bio.
  18. Accelerate content creation processes.
  19. Company:
  20. Collaborate seamlessly with team members in real-time.
  21. Streamline content creation and editing workflows.
  22. Produce high-quality content faster with the help of templates.

Prompt type:

Create book outline, Create social media post, Write article, Write blog post, Generate content feed, Generate response for post


Cohesive is an AI-powered editor that allows users to create, refine, edit, and publish content seamlessly. It offers over 200 templates for various purposes like SEO, ad copywriting, and social media content.

Origin: Bengaluru, Karnataka, India