Cody - Business AI Employee Trained on Your Knowledge Base

What can do:

The website is for a service called Cody, an AI assistant that can be trained using a business's knowledge base. Cody can support a team by answering questions, providing instant answers to business-related queries, troubleshooting issues, and brainstorming ideas. It eliminates the need for keyword searches, regurgitated answers, and providing context every time. Users can upload various types of documents to build Cody's knowledge base and customize it for their company. Cody provides sources for every answer and boosts employee efficiency by providing instant answers, helping with tasks like writing professional emails, translating documents, and creating marketing materials. It can also provide support, troubleshoot technical issues, and offer ideas and suggestions. The platform integrates with various tools and works in multiple languages. Cody's advanced data defense and customizable access controls ensure data security and privacy. Cody is not a replacement for human employees but is designed to assist and enhance teams.

Benefits of using Cody:

  1. Instant Answers to Business Questions: Cody can analyze the accumulated documents in a company's database and provide answers to business-related questions in seconds.
  2. Customizable Knowledge Base: Users can upload various types of documents and customize Cody's knowledge base according to their company's requirements.
  3. Source Verification: Cody provides the sources used to generate each answer, ensuring transparency and credibility.
  4. Boost Employee Efficiency: Cody helps teams work smarter and faster by providing instant answers, ready-made work, and assistance with tasks like writing emails and translating documents.
  5. Support and Troubleshooting: Cody can assist in troubleshooting technical issues, offering support documentation and helping teams discover hidden features.

Popular use cases of Cody:

  1. Instant answers to business questions: Cody can quickly provide answers to queries related to various business processes and practices.
  2. Building a customized knowledge base: Users can upload different types of documents and build their own knowledge base for Cody to provide accurate information and responses.
  3. Supporting employee efficiency: Cody can assist employees in completing tasks faster, such as writing professional emails, translating documents, and creating marketing materials.
  4. Troubleshooting issues: Cody can use support documentation to help teams troubleshoot technical issues and discover hidden features in digital tools.
  5. Brainstorming ideas and suggestions: Cody can provide new perspectives and insights, helping teams generate ideas and offer advice based on contextual history and previous conversations.

Prompt type:

Analyse data, Increase conversions, Analyze large dataset, Generate visual representations of data, Create a business plan, Create Survey


Cody is an AI assistant trained on your knowledge base. It can provide instant answers, help with tasks, troubleshoot issues, and brainstorm ideas. Cody offers advanced data defense, customizable access controls, and unwavering commitment to security.