Civitai - Stable Diffusion models, embeddings, LoRAs and more

What can do:

Civitai is a platform dedicated to Stable Diffusion AI Art models. It hosts a vast collection of models from various creators and fosters an engaged community that reviews models and shares images. The platform also provides prompts to inspire users in their AI art creation journey.

Top 5 benefits:

  1. Diverse Collection: Civitai offers a wide range of AI art models, providing users with numerous creative options.
  2. Community Engagement: The platform fosters an active community that reviews models and shares images, promoting interaction and learning.
  3. Inspiration: Civitai provides prompts to inspire users in their AI art creation, sparking creativity.
  4. Ease of Use: The platform is user-friendly, making it accessible for both beginners and experienced AI artists.
  5. Continuous Updates: Civitai regularly updates its collection, ensuring users have access to the latest AI art models.

Use cases:

  • AI Artists: For exploring and creating with a diverse range of AI art models.
  • Art Enthusiasts: For browsing and appreciating AI-generated art.
  • Content Creators: For generating unique visuals for their content.
  • Educators and Students: For learning about AI art and its applications.
  • Designers: For finding inspiration and experimenting with AI in design.

Prompt type:

Generate image


Civitai is a platform for Stable Diffusion AI Art models, offering a diverse collection, community engagement, inspiration, and ease of use. Ideal for AI artists, enthusiasts, and educators.