Chatbase - Custom ChatGPT for your data

What can do:

Chatbase is a website that offers AI chatbot building services, specifically using ChatGPT. Users can upload documents or provide website links to train a chatbot on their data, and then add the chatbot as a widget to their website or use the API to communicate with it. Chatbase also integrates with various tools and supports multiple languages.

Top 5 Benefits of Using Chatbase:

  1. Easy Chatbot Creation: Users can upload documents or provide website links to quickly train a chatbot on their data.
  2. Customizable Chatbots: Users can edit the base prompt, give the chatbot a name and personality traits, and provide instructions on how to answer questions.
  3. Website Integration: Chatbase allows users to embed the chatbot as an iframe or add a chat bubble to their website, making it easy for visitors to interact with the chatbot.
  4. Integration with Favorite Tools: Chatbase integrates with popular tools like WordPress and Zapier, allowing users to connect their chatbot to various apps and streamline their workflows.
  5. Language Support: Chatbase supports approximately 95 languages, enabling users to have sources in any language and ask the chatbot questions in any language.

Top 5 Most Popular Use Cases of Chatbase:

  1. Creating a Chatbot for Website Content: Users can train a chatbot on their website's content by uploading documents or providing website links, making it easier for visitors to find information and get their questions answered.
  2. Building Chatbots for Specific Platforms: Users can create chatbots tailored to specific platforms like Product Hunt by crawling the platform and training the AI on its content.
  3. Adding Chat Widgets to Websites: Chatbase allows users to embed chatbot widgets as iframes or chat bubbles on their websites, providing a user-friendly interface for visitors to engage with the chatbot.
  4. Integration with WordPress: Users can add AI chatbots to their WordPress websites using Chatbase's integration, enhancing the website's functionality and customer support.
  5. Automating Workflows with Zapier Integration: Chatbase's integration with Zapier allows users to connect their chatbot to over 5000 apps, enabling automation and streamlining workflows.

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Prompt type:

Analyse data, Automate work processes, Create AI chatbot


Chatbase is a platform that allows you to create a custom chatbot for your website using your own data. You can upload documents or add a link to your website to train the AI and then embed the chatbot on your site.

Origin: Toronto, Ontario, Canada