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What can do:

ChatIQ is an AI startup that offers a platform for businesses to build custom AI chatbots. Their main feature is the integration of ChatGPT with custom training data, providing businesses with an affordable and intuitive solution. The startup allows users to create powerful AI chatbots in just four steps. They offer various features such as creating custom training data using PDFs, business support documents, or website scraping. Users have complete control over their AI chatbots, including designing prompts, setting rules, goals, and personality. ChatIQ's chatbots can be used for lead generation, seamlessly guiding users to a custom URL and gathering important lead information within the chatbot interface. The startup also offers effortless integration with other software through Zapier.

Features of ChatIQ:

  1. Custom Training Data: Create and train your AI chatbot using custom training PDFs, business support documents, or website scraping.
  2. Advanced Custom AI: Have complete control over your AI chatbot's behavior, personality, rules, and goals using ChatIQ's custom prompt design tool.
  3. Chatbot-Driven Lead Generation: Instruct your AI chatbot to guide users smoothly to a custom URL and collect lead information like name, email, and phone numbers within the chatbot interface.
  4. Effortless Chatbot Integration: Seamlessly integrate ChatIQ into any software through Zapier, enabling functionalities like client management and email responding.
  5. Personal Expert Support: Get dedicated support and training resources from ChatIQ's AI chatbot, as well as a chatbot expert to help with integration and customization.

Use Cases of ChatIQ:

  1. Education Chatbot: Train a chatbot with historical WWII data to serve as a personal guide for users interested in learning about that period.
  2. Lead Gen Chatbot: Build a chatbot that collects lead information and provides a digital download link for a PDF document.
  3. Sales Chatbot: Train a chatbot using sales training to help users manage objections and improve their sales technique.
  4. Brand Your Chatbots: Customize the chatbot's greetings, call to action, and colors to elevate your brand.
  5. Versatile Bot Training: Train your chatbot using text, multiple PDFs, and website scraping to expand its knowledge base and responses tailored to your business.

Prompt type:

Analyse data, Answers to questions, Analyze large dataset, Create AI chatbot


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ChatIQ is a platform that allows businesses to build custom AI chatbots using ChatGPT and their own training data. It offers features like custom training data, advanced custom AIs, lead generation, and effortless integration with other software.