Center for AI Safety - Reducing Societal-scale Risks from AI

What can do:

The Center for AI Safety (CAIS) is a San Francisco-based research and field-building nonprofit organization. Their mission is to reduce societal-scale risks associated with artificial intelligence by conducting safety research, building the field of AI safety researchers, and advocating for safety standards. They believe that while AI has the potential to benefit the world, it must be developed and used safely. CAIS offers a range of services, including AI safety field-building, compute cluster resources for ML safety research, philosophy fellowships, and ML safety courses. They conduct technical and conceptual research to improve the safety of AI systems and provide resources and educational materials to support the research community.

Features of CAIS:

  • AI Safety Field-Building: CAIS aims to expand the research field of AI safety by providing funding, research infrastructure, and educational resources to create a thriving research ecosystem.
  • Compute Cluster: They offer researchers free access to their compute cluster, enabling large-scale AI system training and research.
  • Philosophy Fellowship: CAIS offers a seven-month research program called the Philosophy Fellowship, which investigates the societal implications and potential risks associated with advanced AI.
  • ML Safety Course: They provide a comprehensive introduction to ML safety through their ML Safety course, covering topics such as anomaly detection, alignment, and risk engineering.
  • Impactful Research: CAIS conducts technical research to mitigate societal-scale risks posed by AI systems and conceptual research that examines AI safety from a multidisciplinary perspective, incorporating insights from various fields.

Use Cases of CAIS Services:

  • Researchers can utilize the Compute Cluster resources provided by CAIS to run and train large-scale AI systems.
  • Individuals interested in AI safety can participate in the Philosophy Fellowship program offered by CAIS to explore the societal implications and risks associated with advanced AI.
  • Those seeking to gain knowledge in ML safety can benefit from the ML Safety course offered by CAIS.
  • The research community can access resources, funding, and educational materials provided by CAIS to advance their work in the field of AI safety.
  • Organizations and individuals can support CAIS by making tax-deductible donations and getting involved to help reduce risks from AI.

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The Center for AI Safety (CAIS) is a San Francisco-based nonprofit that conducts research and advocates for safety standards in artificial intelligence (AI). They provide resources, workshops, and a compute cluster for ML safety research.

Origin: San Francisco, USA