What can do:

This AI Startup offers an innovative solution to the process of job applications with their Free AI Cover Letter Generator. The service uses the advanced capabilities of AI, particularly those of ChatGPT, to generate a professional, well-structured cover letter for applicants within mere seconds. The user just needs to paste the job post and their resume, and the AI instantly crafts a cover letter tailored to their individual needs and circumstances.

The service has proven to be exceptionally popular, with hundreds of cover letters generated per week and a vast majority of users returning to use the service more than once. This free, user-friendly tool makes the application process much easier and has been integrated with resources and examples to help users understand what makes an effective job application. It also offers a blog filled with tips and expert advice.


  1. AI-Generated Cover Letters: The AI creates a custom cover letter using the details from a job post and user's resume.
  2. Powered by ChatGPT: The AI used is an advanced model known for language tasks.
  3. Free Service: The tool is free to use for all users.
  4. Fast: It takes around 52 seconds from start to finish.
  5. Resource Library: The service provides a library of resume examples, cover letters, and relevant articles.

Use Cases:

  1. Creating a cover letter for a Business Analyst position at XYZ Corp.
  2. Using the service as a Research Analyst to apply for jobs.
  3. Leveraging the service to craft a cover letter for a Radiologic Technologist position.
  4. Generating a cover letter for a job application as a Site Reliability Engineer.
  5. Crafting a customized cover letter for a Salesforce Marketing Cloud Developer role.

Prompt type:

Cover Letter Creation


The AI-powered Cover Letter Generator by ChatGPT helps create a cover letter by inputting job post and resume details. It takes an average of 52 seconds to generate a cover letter. It aided in the creation of over 422 cover letters last week, and 83% of users use it more than once.