What can do:

Captions is an AI-powered creative studio that is geared towards enhancing video production and storytelling. The startup offers a wide array of services which leverage AI technology to perform various video editing operations, from recording and production to distribution.

Key Features of Captions:

  1. AI Script Writer: Helps overcome writer's block by simplifying the creative process and elevating storytelling.
  2. AI Enhance Speech: Removes background noise and enhances speech automatically.
  3. AI Eye Contact: Corrects eye-contact post-production, making it look like you're looking at the camera during recording.
  4. AI Director: Automatically add transitions and Zoom features to keep your videos engaging.
  5. AI Dubbing: Able to dub your videos into any language while maintaining your original voice.

Use Cases of Captions' AI Services:

  1. Overcoming writer's block: Utilize the AI Script Writer to generate an engaging script based on the user's prompts.
  2. Video Quality Enhancement: Use AI Enhance Speech to remove unwanted background noises and improve the clarity of the speech in the recording.
  3. Eye Contact Correction: Employ AI Eye Contact to correct off-camera gazes and make it seem like you were looking into the camera throughout the recording.
  4. Video Editing: Utilize the AI Director tool to add automatic transitions and Zoom features for interactive and engaging videos.
  5. Video Localization: Leverage AI Dubbing for translating and dubbing videos into multiple languages, hence expanding their reach to non-English speaking audiences.

With services that facilitate processes ranging from idea conception to video distribution, Captions aims to shape the future of storytelling and video production.

Prompt type:

Generate video, Create Youtube video, Add Subtitles, Translate Video, Video Enhancement


Captions is an AI-powered creative studio that provides a range of tools for high-quality video editing. The features include online video editor, video trimmer, video compressor, and automatic subtitle addition.

Origin: New York, NY