Caktus - AI assistant for Education

What can do:

Caktus AI is an AI startup that provides various services to enhance the educational experience. Their services include a writing assistant, step-by-step solutions for math and science problems, coding help, and a personal education buddy. Caktus AI aims to revolutionize education by utilizing artificial intelligence to assist students in their academic journey.


  1. 100% academic sources only: Caktus AI integrates with CORE, ensuring that all references and sources are from published papers.
  2. Personalize writing style: Users can upload a sample of their real writing, and Caktus AI learns to write like them, providing personalized assistance.
  3. Documents ready to turn in: Caktus AI offers a Text Editor to format text documents, making them ready to be submitted.
  4. Chat with AI: Caktus AI serves as a personal education buddy, providing help and support with homework and learning.
  5. Multiple languages supported: Caktus AI supports more than 10 programming languages, making it a comprehensive coding resource.

Use Cases:

  • Solve this for me: x^2 + x + 6 = 0
  • Write a short story about a panda bear
  • Generate questions for a discussion on Harry Potter


  • "With social media, school, and my sport, it is definitely hard to find time. Caktus AI is so helpful with all my school work so I definitely recommend!" - Livvy Dunne, LSU
  • "We have tutors here, we have some free time to do whatever I got to do. comes through clutch when I'm getting organized. It's hard, but it's manageable." - Matt Bradley, San Diego State
  • "It's called Caktus AI, and it has a dedicated essay writer that sounds more natural, is a lot less bare bones, and it includes in-text citations. That is noticeably better than GPT. AI is getting scary." - carterpcs, TikTok Influencer
  • "Other generative AI platforms, such as, use different methods and databases, and their outputs may not trigger plagiarism detection software. For example, Caktus-generated text will not be flagged by current AI detectors designed to detect GPT-generated content." - Prof. Mfon Akpan, Methodist

Prompt type:

Learn math, Learn language




Caktus AI is an affordable AI assistant for students that helps with writing papers, solving math problems, learning to code, and more. It can also personalize writing style and format text documents. Students have praised Caktus for its helpfulness and effectiveness.