What can do:

Brandmark is an advanced Artificial Intelligent logo maker designed for businesses seeking unique and professional logos. This logo maker eases the potentially stressful design process by providing a simple and user-friendly interface with immense design capabilities.


  1. Logo Design Files: Brandmark provides various design files for your logo needs.
  2. Free Customization: Upon purchasing any package, they offer free personal customization of your logo.
  3. Instant Export: The platform allows direct customization and export in the browser without any need for a designer or additional software.
  4. Unlimited Revisions: It provides unlimited logo modifications at any time, even post-purchase.
  5. Full Copyright: Full copyright is included for both commercial and personal projects.

Use Cases

  1. Business Branding: Businesses can leverage Brandmark's services to kickstart their brand with a unique logo, business cards, letterheads and more.
  2. Social Media Marketing: Brandmark's services can be utilized for creating social media graphics, social profile icons and animated designs for enhanced online presence.
  3. Design Assets: Businesses needing numerous ready-to-use design assets can use Brandmark effectively.
  4. Budget Branding: For businesses with a tight budget and timeline, Brandmark offers a cost effective, quick and easy design solution.
  5. Presentation Designing: Brandmark's services can be utilized for creating effective and visually stunning presentation templates.

Prompt type:

Design logos


Brandmark is an AI-powered logo maker offering customizable designs and branding tools. It provides assets including social media graphics, app icons, and business card designs. It uniquely offers free customizations, allowing you to alter your logo even after purchase.