Music to improve focus, meditation & sleep

What can do: is an AI startup that provides functional music designed to improve focus, meditation, and sleep. Their unique music, created using patented technology, affects the brain differently than regular music and helps users achieve desired mental states. The company conducts experiments with academic institutions to study the effects of their technology on the brain and behavior, ensuring its effectiveness. Users have highly rated and reviewed, with over 150,000 users controlling their mental state with the help of their music.

Top 5 Benefits

  1. Improved Focus:'s functional music helps users improve their focus by creating a unique sound that affects the brain in a way that regular music does not.
  2. Enhanced Meditation: The music provided by is designed to facilitate a meditative state, allowing users to achieve a deeper and more focused meditation experience.
  3. Better Sleep: By listening to the specialized music offered by, users can improve their sleep quality, helping them to relax and fall asleep more easily.
  4. Unique Patented Technology: holds patents on key processes for creating functional music, making their music unique and purpose-built to steer users into a desired mental state.
  5. Scientifically Tested: The company conducts experiments in collaboration with academic institutions, using fMRI and EEG to study the effects of their technology on the brain. This ensures the effectiveness of their music in achieving desired mental states.

Top 5 Use Cases

  1. Study and Work Productivity: By listening to's functional music, users can enhance their focus and productivity while studying or working, allowing them to perform better and accomplish tasks more efficiently.
  2. Meditation and Mindfulness: The specialized music provided by can assist users in achieving a deeper meditative state, helping them to relax, reduce stress, and improve mindfulness practice.
  3. Sleep Improvement: The music offered by is designed to promote relaxation and aid in falling asleep, making it an ideal tool for those who struggle with sleep issues or insomnia.
  4. Stress Relief: By listening to's unique music, users can reduce stress levels, as the music is designed to calm the mind and induce a relaxed state.
  5. Mental Clarity and Focus: The functional music provided by can help users clear their minds and improve mental clarity and focus, enabling them to stay alert and perform tasks with greater efficiency.

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Summary: is a website that offers functional music to improve focus, meditation, and sleep. They have a science-first approach and use patented technology to create unique music that affects the brain differently.