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What can do:

Bookmark's AiDA is an AI-powered platform that offers a range of services to build and optimize websites. AiDA, the Artificial Design Assistant, eliminates 90% of the pain points associated with web design and provides data-driven optimization suggestions to deliver the best web experience.


  1. Smart Predictions: AiDA uses proprietary machine learning algorithms to analyze millions of data points and periodically sends unique optimization suggestions. These recommendations can be implemented with a single click, helping users deliver an exceptional web experience.
  2. Personalized Website Creation: By answering a few questions about their business and goals, users can build a personalized website in just two minutes. The website can be further customized using simple drag-and-drop tools, without requiring any design or code skills.
  3. Data-Driven Optimization: Based on business goals, web traffic, and user interaction, the website auto-optimizes. AiDA offers data-driven suggestions to improve the website continuously, ensuring the delivery of the best-in-class web experience.
  4. Custom Forms: Users can leverage custom forms provided by AiDA to collect customer details, create surveys, build lead generation lists, and more.
  5. Always Evolving: Bookmark's AiDA platform allows users to bring their vision to life with its AI-powered tools. The Artificial Design Assistant continually auto-optimizes the website or online store, providing the ability to fast track the path to success.

Use Cases

  1. Ecommerce Optimization: AiDA helps users create online stores and optimize them to attract more customers and boost sales. It offers features like custom domain purchase and data-driven suggestions to improve ecommerce pages.
  2. Blog Creation and Engagement: AiDA assists in creating a blog that attracts an audience and builds engagement with customers. It provides personalized website creation with drag-and-drop tools and helps in improving blog sections.
  3. Establishing Brand Authority: By offering custom domain purchasing and providing data-driven optimization suggestions, AiDA helps users rank higher in search results and establish their brand authority.
  4. Design Agency Program: AiDA allows users to start their own design agency and monetize their skills. It enables building trust with customers by connecting custom email to the website.
  5. Data-Driven Web Design Optimization: AiDA's smart predictions leverage proprietary machine learning algorithms to analyze data points and provide unique optimization suggestions. Users can make data-driven improvements on their websites, focusing on specific business goals like appointments, ecommerce pages, email leads, phone calls, and section visits.

By providing AI-powered website building and optimization services, Bookmark's AiDA aims to simplify the web design process and help businesses enhance their online presence.

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Create website, Create landing page, Design website

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Bookmark's AiDA is an Artificial Intelligence design assistant that builds and optimizes websites in 2 minutes, eliminating 90% of the pain points associated with web design. It offers data-driven suggestions to improve user experience and can be customized using drag and drop tools.

Origin: Toronto, Ontario