What can do:

Blaze is an AI tool developed to optimize and ease the content production process for small businesses or individual teams. The core services include Brand Voice, Marketing Calendar, Multi-Channel Campaign, Wizards, and Turn-Into features. Blaze allows users to transform one type of content into another, curate content in their unique brand voice, and plan marketing strategies, and these services can be seamlessly integrated with other tools and applications for a smoother workflow. Their secure and private platform also offers services like SEO analysis to ensure your created content is properly optimized for target keywords.


  1. Brand Voice: Users can train Blaze to produce content that mimics their unique brand voice.
  2. Marketing Calendar: Helps in planning and executing marketing strategies from one place.
  3. Multi-Channel Campaign: Allows users to develop a piece of content that can be repurposed across different channels.
  4. Wizards: Blaze provides cutting-edge prompts to facilitate content creation.
  5. Turn-Into: The platform allows users to transform one type of content into another, which could generate 10+ assets.

Use Cases

  1. Brand Voice: In a scenario where a startup aims to ensure the brand voice is consistent in all content, they could use Blaze to set their unique brand voice.
  2. Marketing Calendar: Businesses planning to schedule and organize their content marketing can utilize Blaze's marketing calendar.
  3. Multi-Channel Campaign: If a company aims to disseminate the same content across various channels, Blaze's multi-channel campaign feature would be of use.
  4. Wizards: For businesses stuck with content creation, Blaze’s Wizard feature provides cutting-edge prompts to guide the content development process.
  5. Turn-Into: In cases where a firm wants to transform a blog post into a social media content or ad copy, Blaze's Turn-Into functionality would be ideal.

Prompt type:

Create social media post, Creative Writing, Content Creation


Blaze is the AI tool that helps teams of one create better content in half the time — all in their brand voice. Blaze supports an end-to-end process (brainstorming, outlining, writing, and repurposing) for creating AI-assisted marketing content in a truly modern document editor.

Origin: San Francisco , California