What can do:

Bestever is an AI-powered suite designed to ease the process of ad creation. It supports companies, marketers, and designers in creating image and video ads that vividly express their brand voice. Users can integrate their colors, logos, and fonts into the ads with ease. Additionally, Bestever AI designer provides super easy editing that understands and delivers based on user's requests. Users also get to choose from a vast range of ad concepts and angles. Personalization is made simple through easily customizable colors and minimal hassle in uploading custom logos and fonts.


  1. Automated Adaptation: Bestever automatically adapts creatives into various aspect ratios, ensuring the display is perfect on every platform.
  2. Animation: The platform can animate static ads into videos with just a click of a button.
  3. Easy Editing: The AI designer allows users to edit their ad creatives through a simple conversation.
  4. Numerous Ad Concepts: Provides endless ad concepts and angles to keep campaigns fresh and unique.
  5. Personalization: Users can easily customize their visual identity on the platform, including colors, logos, and fonts.

Use Cases

  1. Designers: With Bestever AI, designers can quickly ideate, and experiment with various ad concepts and layouts, provide design variations and focus on high-level creative tasks.
  2. Marketers: Marketers can use Bestever to collaborate effortlessly with the design team while keeping their campaigns fresh with varied concepts.
  3. Branding: Bestever can be used to incorporate brand logos, colors, and fonts into ads to ensure they are in the brand's unique voice.
  4. Businesses with Multiple Campaigns: The enterprise plan allows unlimited campaigns and brand voices, alongside generating 9 creatives per campaign, which is beneficial for businesses running various ad campaigns simultaneously.
  5. Customer Support: Users facing any issues with account management or payment can reach out to the support team for quick assistance.

Prompt type:

Generate image, Design creative, Analyse data, Generate video, Content Creation

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Bestever is an AI-powered creative suite that aids in ads generation. It allows customization of image and video ads based on brand identity, adapting creatives to any aspect ratio and animating static ads.

Origin: San Francisco, California, United States