What can do:

Avatarly is an Artificial Intelligence (AI) startup that offers its users the opportunity to effortlessly generate avatars and profile pictures. This is achieved by utilising the advanced AI capabilities of their service known as AIGC. All that is needed from users is to upload a facial photo, and Avatarly's AI technology could then produce thousands of avatar images.


  1. Avatar Generation: Avatarly AI uses advanced AI technology to generate avatar pictures from facial photos.
  2. User-friendly Interface: Avatarly offers a simple and easy-to-use system where users simply upload a picture and wait as the AI generates avatar images.
  3. Mass Generation: From one user photo, thousands of avatar images can be created.
  4. Instant Generation: The AI technology is fast, offering instantaneous avatar generation after photo upload.
  5. Privacy Maintenance: In compliance with their privacy policy, Avatarly ensures user uploaded photos and generated avatars are not misused.

Use Cases

  1. Social Media Profile – Avatarly can be used to generate unique and fun avatars for use as profile pictures on various social media platforms.
  2. Fun and Games – The generated avatars can also be used in gaming platforms, allowing users to customize their gaming personas.
  3. Professional Branding - Companies can use Avatarly's services to create avatars for their employees, strengthening their online presence.
  4. Graphic Design - Designers can use the generated avatars in their projects or designs.
  5. Personalisation - People can use Avatarly to personalise their digital environment with unique avatars, from their desktop icons to phone contact photos.

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Create AI avatar, Create Profile picture, AI Image Magic


Avatarly uses artificial intelligence to instantly create avatars and profile pictures from a user's face photo. Simply upload a photo and generate thousands of avatar pictures.