What can do: is an innovative AI tool designed to transform unstructured voice notes into concise and organized text summaries. It serves as a personal assistant for individuals who prefer verbal expression, offering a streamlined process for capturing and summarizing thoughts effectively.


  1. Speech-to-Text Conversion: Converts spoken words into written text with high accuracy and efficiency.
  2. Natural Language Processing (NLP): Utilizes advanced algorithms to identify key themes and ideas from voice recordings.
  3. Real-time Summarization: Generates summaries of spoken notes in real-time, saving users time and effort.
  4. Integration with Google Account: Allows seamless sign-in and access to the tool using Google accounts.
  5. Early Adopter Special: Offers a discounted price of $29 for AudioPen Prime, providing cost-effective access to advanced features.

Use Cases

  1. Professional Note-taking: Enables professionals to quickly capture and summarize ideas during meetings, brainstorming sessions, or lectures.
  2. Educational Assistance: Assists students in organizing and summarizing study notes, lectures, and research findings.
  3. Personal Organization: Helps individuals stay organized by summarizing personal thoughts, reflections, and ideas.
  4. Time Management: Enhances productivity by saving time spent on manual note-taking and transcription tasks.
  5. Efficient Communication: Facilitates clear and concise communication by summarizing verbal discussions for easy reference.

By leveraging's AI capabilities, users can enhance their productivity, improve note-taking efficiency, and maintain organized records of their verbal thoughts and discussions.

Prompt type:

Voice to text

Summary: simplifies voice-to-text conversion with customizable settings for input/output languages, writing styles, and output lengths. It also offers features such as longer recording time, note search, editing, adding tags, and organizing notes into folders.