Audioatlas: AI Music Search

What can do:

Audioatlas is an AI-powered service provided by Matchtune, termed as the "World's First Natural Language Music Search Engine". This technology allows users to discover the most suitable music for them from a global database featuring over 200 million songs.


  1. AI-powered: Utilizes advanced artificial intelligence to enhance the music search experience.
  2. Natural Language Processing: Leverages natural language processing to understand user requirements.
  3. Expansive Database: Offers access to a massive database, encompassing more than 200 million songs.
  4. Personalized Experience: Provides a tailored experience by understanding and adapting to user interactions on the website.
  5. Cookie Policy: Ensures a better user experience by accepting cookies for tracking user interaction.

Use Cases

  1. Music Discovery: Delivers a comprehensive solution for exploring new music based on user preferences.
  2. Personalized Playlists: Users can create tailored playlists through personalized music recommendations.
  3. Music Industry: A handy tool for music professionals to discover and curate music for various needs.
  4. Entertainment Platforms: Enables streaming platforms and other entertainment businesses to expand their music libraries.
  5. Consumer Engagement: Enhances consumer interaction and engagement by providing a personalized experience.

Prompt type:

Get personalized recommendations, Find Music


Audioatlas, the world's first natural language music search engine, aids users in finding suitable music from a global database of 200+ million songs. This technology is provided by The website uses cookies to enhance the user experience.

Origin: Los Angeles, CA