Ask Qwokka

What can do:

Qwokka is the AI startup that offers the movie and TV show enthusiasts an interactive platform with which they can communicate. The startup is intended as a platform that will enable interesting entertainment, always be up-to-date with the hottest movies and TV shows, and build a community of friends sharing their opinions.

Key Features:

  1. Curated lists of popular movies and TV shows
  2. Allows users to post and share their thoughts and opinions.
  3. Serves as a platform for users to see what their friends are watching
  4. Incorporated user-rated pros and cons for each movie or show.
  5. Highlights day-specific activities such as “It's Thursday! Time to post and see what your friends are watching.”

Use Cases:

  1. Users can find recommendations on the best movies or TV shows to watch.
  2. Allows users to express or share their reviews, creating an interactive platform.
  3. Users can keep track of their friends' activity to find out about new and top-rated shows.
  4. Helps users make informed decisions about what to watch next based on reviews and ratings.
  5. Provides users with a sense of belonging through communal activities and interaction.

Prompt type:

Get personalized recommendations


Ask Qwokka is an AI tool designed to assist users in finding movie and TV show recommendations. By leveraging the power of GPT, this tool offers a wide range of movie and TV show suggestions at no cost to the user. With Ask Qwokka, users can easily seek recommendations tailored to their preferences.