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What can do:

AskFred - ChatGPT for Meetings powered by, offers a range of services and business solutions for enhancing meetings and boosting productivity. With the help of AI technology, users can automate actions during meetings, generate customized notes, answer questions using the AskFred feature, create highlight reels, score calls, generate quotes, summarize transcripts, define words, craft emails and reports, translate transcripts, and more. The website aims to revolutionize the way meetings are conducted by providing innovative tools and features that save time and improve efficiency.

Top 5 Benefits

  1. Time-saving: By automating actions during meetings and providing instant answers to questions, AskFred saves users precious time.
  2. Customized notes: Users can generate personalized meeting notes, craft emails, and create blog content effortlessly, enhancing their productivity.
  3. Improved collaboration: The website allows users to collaborate effectively by providing tools like highlight reels and call scoring for better understanding and analysis.
  4. Language support: With the ability to transcribe meetings in multiple languages and translate transcripts, AskFred helps global teams communicate more effectively.
  5. Enhanced productivity: From summarizing transcripts to generating quotes and defining words, the website offers various features that can significantly improve productivity in different business scenarios.

Top 5 Use Cases

  1. Sales: The website helps sales teams by providing tools to generate quotes, score calls, and create marketing collateral from meetings, enabling them to close deals more effectively.
  2. Recruiting: By organizing candidate responses and capturing user feedback, AskFred assists with screening interviews and user interviews, helping recruiters make informed decisions.
  3. Engineering: Daily standup notes and team sync notes offered by the website allow engineering teams to stay on top of blockers and align their goals efficiently.
  4. Marketing: The ability to generate blog posts, content, and marketing collateral from meetings helps marketing teams streamline their content creation process.
  5. Management: AskFred enables managers to prioritize work discussed in one-on-one meetings, document quarterly goals, and review employee performance, facilitating effective team management and growth.

Prompt type:

Write letter, Analyse data, Write sales copy, Write article, Write news, Write blog post, Generate content feed


AskFred is a feature of that uses AI to automate actions in meetings. Users can ask questions, generate customized notes, craft emails, and generate content with a click. Fireflies apps enhance meeting transcripts, allowing users to do more with them.

Origin: San Francisco, CA