What can do:

Anyword is an AI writing platform designed specifically for enterprise marketing teams. It offers services that align with the needs of various marketing functions. Leveraging AI, Anyword helps in the creation, analytics, and improvement of content across various channels. It ensures security and privacy of data in its operations.

Key Features of Anyword

  1. Performance Prediction: Anyword’s AI predicts the performance of content before it is published, ensuring only high-performing variations are chosen.
  2. Copy Intelligence: The platform can analyze all pieces of content ever published and recommends AI-driven opportunities to improve performance and boost audience engagement.
  3. Brand Voice Management: Anyword allows companies to manage messaging, tone, and target audience guidelines in one place, thereby ensuring brand consistency.
  4. Works with any AI: Anyword works with other AI tools like ChatGPT, Notion, and HubSpot. It allows personalized results by inputting brand guidelines into every prompt.
  5. Enterprise-Grade Security: They provide enhanced protection prioritizing the client's data privacy and security.

Key Use-cases

  1. Marketing Operations: Anyword is used to analyze, improve and create content that bolsters the performance of marketing operations.
  2. Product Marketing: The AI can analyze data to understand what kind of messaging resonates best with a particular audience, which is essential in product marketing.
  3. Content Marketing: Anyword is used to create well-researched blog posts in the brand's voice, backed by data.
  4. Email Marketing: In email marketing operations, Anyword can be used to understand which email copy works best without A/B testing.
  5. Marketing Strategy: It helps in aligning the messaging across the organization, boosting campaign performance and increasing revenue.

Prompt type:

Define SEO keywords, Write blog post, Manage emails, Creative Writing, Content Creation, Headline Writing


Anyword is an AI writing platform specifically crafted for marketing purposes. It offers features like copy analytics, website automation, data security, and more. Anyword can analyze and improve content across all platforms, boosting engagement, sign-ups, and leads.

Origin: New York, NY