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AlphaGo is an AI startup that has developed a computer program capable of playing and defeating professional human Go players. Go is a challenging classical game for artificial intelligence due to its complexity, and previous AI methods were unable to handle the immense number of possible moves and board positions. AlphaGo uses a combination of advanced search tree and deep neural networks to play the game. The program learns from amateur games and plays against different versions of itself, improving and becoming stronger over time through reinforcement learning. AlphaGo has defeated Go world champions and is considered one of the greatest Go players of all time.


  1. Defeating human Go players: AlphaGo is the first computer program to defeat a professional human Go player and a Go world champion, making it arguably the strongest Go player in history.
  2. Advanced search tree and neural networks: AlphaGo combines an advanced search tree with deep neural networks to play the game of Go. Neural networks process the Go board and make decisions for the next move.
  3. Reinforcement learning: AlphaGo learns and improves over time through reinforcement learning, playing against different versions of itself and learning from its mistakes.
  4. Inventing winning moves: AlphaGo has played several innovative winning moves during matches, some of which have defied centuries of established Go wisdom. These moves have been extensively studied by players of all levels.
  5. AlphaGo Zero and AlphaZero: AlphaGo Zero and AlphaZero are improved versions of AlphaGo that have achieved even better performance. AlphaGo Zero learned by playing against itself, accumulating thousands of years of human knowledge in just a few days. AlphaZero taught itself from scratch and mastered the games of chess, shogi, and Go, beating world-champion computer programs in each case.

Use Cases

  1. Competitive play: AlphaGo's services can be used to play and compete against professional Go players, improving skills and strategies.
  2. Training and learning: AlphaGo can be used as a training tool for amateur players to learn and improve their Go-playing abilities.
  3. Research and analysis: AlphaGo's innovative winning moves and strategies can be studied and analyzed by players and researchers to gain insights into the game of Go.
  4. Game AI development: The techniques used by AlphaGo, such as advanced search tree and neural networks, can be applied to develop other AI systems for playing complex games.
  5. General AI applications: The reinforcement learning algorithms and techniques employed by AlphaGo can be generalized and applied to other domains and real-world environments, paving the way for building general-purpose learning systems.

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AlphaGo is a computer program developed by Google DeepMind that became the first to defeat a professional human Go player and world champion.