What can do:

AlphaCTR is a one of a kind AI tool that can produce top-notch thumbnails and ads graphics without any prior design experience. Here, an innovative solution is provided that is a quick and convenient thumbnail/ad creation process, which allows the creation of hundreds of top-notch creative in a second.


  1. High-performance Thumbnails and Ad Creatives: AlphaCTR uses AI to generate hundreds of high-quality thumbnails and ad creatives quickly and efficiently.
  2. AI-Based Creativity: Based on a given prompt, the platform's AI technology generates four different creatives, allowing users to select and edit the design they prefer.
  3. Accurate Facial Recognition: The tool offers a 99% accurate face match, ensuring that each creative can showcase realistic faces in new avatars.
  4. AI-Powered Text Styles: The AI-powered text effects functionality provides punctuating and inviting text styles, enriching the visual appeal of your creatives.
  5. AI-Powered Picker: The platform also includes an AI tool that learns users' favorite styles and optimizes results based on those preferences.

Use Cases

  1. Thumbnail and Ad Creative Generation: Users can generate numerous high-quality, performance-optimized thumbnails and ad creatives with a few clicks.
  2. Personalized Designs: By uploading an image, users can prompt the system to generate creatives specific to their design needs.
  3. Optimized Conversion Rates: With an AI model trained for high CTRs, users can ensure their creatives stand out and gain significant attention.
  4. Ditching Heavy Editing Tools: The platform replaces editing tools like Photoshop with AI-powered text effects and face matching for seamless creative design.
  5. Enterprise Applications: For large organizations, the platform offers API access, alongside custom model training, priority support, and account management options.

Prompt type:

Content Creation


AlphaCTR is the first ever AI platform trained to generate high performance thumbnails and ad creatives. It allows anyone to easily create hundreds of visually stunning and high converting creatives in just a few clicks, regardless of design experience.