Ada Support

What can do:

Ada is an AI-powered platform that offers automated customer service solutions to businesses. The platform emphasizes resolving customer inquiries with the least effort. Ada's services are streamlined and integrated to complement different industries, from Ecommerce to Fintech, SaaS and Gaming. The platform stands out by embodying the capabilities of an entire customer experience team in one solution.

Key Features:

  1. AI Agent – Ada offers an AI agent that can seamlessly integrate with existing tools and business systems, improving over time to resolve customer inquiries.
  2. Automate inquiries – Ada can automate a variety of customer inquiries, from web, SMS, and social channels to voice and email inquiries, boosting resolution rate.
  3. Measure and Improve - There are tools available to understand the performance of your AI agent, providing insights for continuous improvement and aligning performance with business goals.
  4. Seamless Integrations - The AI Agent can effortlessly integrate with your existing tech stack, allowing for a more fluid automation process.
  5. Multilingual Support – Ada AI Agent supports more than 50 languages, broadening its scope for businesses globally.

Use Cases:

  1. Ecommerce: Ada can help automate customer service inquiries related to product issues, shipping and handling, and other common customer service requests.
  2. FinTech: Ada's AI agent can handle customer inquiries about bank transactions, account troubleshooting, and other financial-related topics.
  3. SaaS: The platform can provide automated solutions to technical queries, troubleshooting problems, and feature requests for SaaS businesses.
  4. Gaming: Game companies can utilize Ada for inquiries regarding game issues, account problems, and other common gaming problems.
  5. Automate Email Inquiries: Ada can also handle and automate email inquiries saving time and resources from manually responding to each email.

Prompt type:

Automate work processes, Create AI chatbot


Ada is an AI-powered customer service automation platform that can be integrated with existing business tools and tech stack to resolve customer inquiries with minimal effort. Ada transforms customer service agents into AI coaches to help the AI agent improve and resolve more inquiries.

Origin: Toronto, Ontario