AIcrowd - Crowdsourcing AI to Solve Real-World Problems

What can do:

AIcrowd is a website that offers a platform for organizing challenges, conducting research, and connecting with the AI community. It provides various services and business opportunities, including challenge organization, FAQs, forums, contact information, and legal guidelines.


  1. Challenge Organization: AIcrowd allows users to organize and participate in AI challenges, providing a platform for showcasing and evaluating their skills and innovations in the field.
  2. Research Opportunities: The website offers a platform for AI research, allowing individuals and organizations to contribute and collaborate on cutting-edge projects.
  3. Community Engagement: AIcrowd provides forums, blogs, and social media platforms like GitLab, Twitter, and Discord to connect with like-minded individuals and foster a vibrant AI community.
  4. Access to Knowledge: The website facilitates learning and knowledge sharing through its FAQs section, helping users understand and navigate various aspects of AI and challenge participation.
  5. Legal and Ethical Guidance: AIcrowd presents legal and ethical guidelines, ensuring compliance and ethical conduct in AI research and challenge participation.

Popular Use Cases:

  1. Organizing AI Challenges: Users can leverage the platform to organize AI challenges, attracting participants to showcase their skills and innovations.
  2. Participating in Challenges: Individuals and teams can actively participate in AI challenges, competing against others to solve complex problems and win rewards.
  3. AI Research Collaboration: AIcrowd offers a collaborative platform for researchers and organizations to contribute and collaborate on cutting-edge AI projects.
  4. Engaging in AI Community: Users can join forums, connect with experts, and actively engage in the AI community, expanding their knowledge and network.
  5. Accessing Legal and Ethical Guidelines: The website provides legal and ethical guidelines, helping users navigate AI-related legalities and ensuring ethical conduct in their endeavors.

Prompt type:

Create Survey, Run Challenge


AIcrowd is a platform that organizes AI challenges and research. They have a blog, forums, and contact options available. The website uses cookies and has legal and privacy information.

Origin: Lausanne, VD