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What can do:

SofaBrain is an AI Interior Design and Virtual Home Staging Startup, offering an application that benefits Interior Designers, Real Estate Agents, and DIYers. Their technology allows users to design rooms with modern styles using AI-based models instantly. The company promises to provide hundreds of design choices for rooms, thus allowing designers to accurately identify their client's taste and improve service delivery. Over 100,000 professional designers, DIYers, and real estate agents trust SofaBrain, with more than 842,243 renders so far.

Key Features

  1. Virtual Home Staging: It allows for the redesign of interiors, exteriors, and modernizing furniture in listing images.
  2. AI-based Interior Design: The AI platform assists in generating exceptional design outcomes.
  3. Furniture Staging: It enables virtual staging of furniture in rooms and spaces.
  4. Unlimited Renders: The AI model allows for unlimited renders, providing many design possibilities.
  5. Workspace and Save Designs: The platform allows private workspace and save designs for future references.

Use Cases

  1. Interior Designers: Instantly provides clients with access to hundreds of design choices for their rooms.
  2. Real Estate Agents: Enables agents to show clients the true potential of any listing through redesigning interiors, exteriors, and updating furniture in listing images.
  3. DIYers: Allows DIY enthusiasts to decorate their homes in seconds thereby saving weeks of time without any headaches involved.
  4. Furniture Stores: Helps stores to modernize their clients' furniture and boost sales.
  5. Design Agency Companies and Teams: SofaBrain Teams provide commercial license and login for 10 users, making it ideal for real estate or design agency companies and teams.

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SofaBrain is an AI Interior Design app for interior designers, real estate agents, and DIYers. It enables users to transform interiors and visualize their room's potential in seconds, offering hundreds of design choices.