AIVA - AI music generation assistant

What can do:

AIVA is an AI music generation assistant that offers the ability to create new songs in over 250 different styles within seconds. Whether you are a beginner or expert in music making, AIVA harnesses the power of generative AI to assist you in composing your own songs. With ultimate customizability, users can create their own style models, upload audio or MIDI influences, edit generated tracks, and download them in any file format. AIVA also provides licensing options, allowing users to monetize their music while maintaining full copyright control.


  1. AI Music Generation: AIVA utilizes AI technology to generate original music compositions in a variety of styles.
  2. Customizable Style Models: Users have the ability to create their unique style models, enabling them to craft personalized soundtracks.
  3. Audio and MIDI Integration: AIVA allows users to upload audio or MIDI influences, expanding the range of possibilities for generating music.
  4. Editing Capabilities: Users can edit the tracks generated by AIVA, making adjustments and enhancements to suit their preferences.
  5. Licensing Options: AIVA offers different licensing plans, allowing users to monetize their compositions while maintaining ownership of the copyrights.

Use Cases:

  1. Music Creation for Beginners: AIVA assists newcomers in creating their own music compositions, offering a user-friendly platform for exploration and learning.
  2. Content Creation for Non-Commercial Use: Individuals who want to produce music for non-commercial purposes can benefit from AIVA's services, with the option to credit the AI assistant.
  3. Monetizing Compositions on Social Media Platforms: Content creators who want to earn revenue from their music on platforms like YouTube, Twitch, TikTok, and Instagram can utilize AIVA's licensing plans for limited monetization.
  4. Full Control and Monetization: Creators who wish to own the copyright of their compositions and monetize without restrictions can opt for AIVA's Pro plan, which grants full copyright ownership and offers unlimited monetization opportunities.
  5. Educational Purposes: AIVA can be employed by students and schools for educational projects, allowing for the generation of music that aligns with specific learning objectives.

Prompt type:

Generate music


AIVA is an AI music generation assistant that allows users to generate new songs in over 250 different styles. Users can customize their own style models, upload audio or MIDI influences, and edit generated tracks.